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Love Me Do drummer Andy White dies at age 85

Love Me Do drummer Andy White dies at age 85

Andy White, the session drummer brought in to play on the album versions of Love Me Do and P.S. I Love You following the firing of Pete Best, died Monday after suffering from a stroke. He was 85.

White played on the second recording session for Love Me Do at the request of producer Ron Richards while Ringo was relegated to tambourine. He received a fee of £5 for 3 hours of work and no royalties.

White has asserted, notably to the BBC, that he also played drums on "Please Please Me," although Ringo has always been credited as the drummer.

He later said of Love Me Do, "You could tell it was something different and very special. But I didn't know just how special it would become."

White later played drums on the 1965 Tom Jones hit "It's Not Unusual."

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