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Abbey Road

September 26, 1969   Apple Records

Following the disasterous Let It Be sessions, Paul had approached producer George Martin asking if they could make an album "the way we used to." Martin agreed, but only if the band would be "the way (they) used to be." Paul replied, "We promise," and sessions began for the Beatles best-selling record, Abbey Road, briefly recorded under the working title "Everest". Songs about being in debt, being broke, and being ripped off filled the record's grooves. Also, George came into his own as a writer with "Here Comes the Sun" and "Something." The sessions proved to be the last for the Beatles. The cassette version of Abbey Road has "Come Together" and "Here Comes the Sun" switched on the track list, and the UK version does not list "Her Majesty" on the back cover, whereas some US copies feature one or the other, or both. Rumors circulated for some time that Paul was not wearing pants for the cover photo and they were airbrushed on, but photo outtakes from the same session have proven this false. The album won the 1969 Grammy for Best Engineered (Non-Classical) Recording. Nominated for Album Of The Year and Best Contemporary Vocal Performance, Group.

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  1. Come Together Lennon/McCartney
  2. Something Harrison
  3. Maxwell's Silver Hammer Lennon/McCartney
  4. Oh! Darling Lennon/McCartney
  5. Octopus's Garden Starkey
  6. I Want You (She's So Heavy) Lennon/McCartney
  7. Here Comes The Sun Harrison
  8. Because Lennon/McCartney
  9. You Never Give Me Your Money Lennon/McCartney
  10. Sun King Lennon/McCartney
  11. Mean Mr. Mustard Lennon/McCartney
  12. Polythene Pam Lennon/McCartney
  13. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window Lennon/McCartney
  14. Golden Slumbers Lennon/McCartney
  15. Carry That Weight Lennon/McCartney
  16. The End Lennon/McCartney
  17. Her Majesty Lennon/McCartney

Apple PCS 7088 - September 26, 1969
Apple SO 383 - October 1, 1969
Parlophone PCS 7088 (Green Vinyl) - 1979
Capitol SEAX 11900 - December 1978
Mobile Fidelity MFSL 1-023 - December 28, 1979
Capitol C1-46446 - October 20, 1987
(CD) Parlophone CDP 7 46446 2 - October 20, 1987

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