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Miscellaneous Features

Rewriting Beatles History With "The U.S. Albums" Box Set
The 2014 U.S. Albums box set is a lie and is not a reissue of the original North American Capitol albums.
The BBC Performances
A listing of all known Beatles BBC appearences, recording dates, broadcast dates, and set lists - even songs that weren't used on the shows!
The Sgt. Pepper Story
The album that changed the face of pop and rock music, Sgt. Pepper features a facinating background detailing how the album came to be what it is. Extensive notes on the cover shoot, the concept for the album, and a complete list of celebrities on the front cover are all available here.
Beatles Bootleg History
A comprehensive look at Beatles bootlegs throughout their existance: the good, the bad, and the fake (they're out there!). John Winn gives the complete low down.
The Road To 'Sessions'
Another informative article by John Winn, "The Road To 'Sessions'" is a look at the making of what eventually became the Beatles Anthology. Details of the famed 400+ hours of music locked up in the EMI vaults and the bizarre decisions by EMI and Apple on what to do with them.
Alternate Album Covers
Many of the Beatles' albums didn't quite come out as intended. We've gathered photos of some album covers that never were and explain the history behind them.
On The Charts
The Beatles phenomenal chart success is documented here, in a complete listing of Billboard chart peaks, with dates, for each of the Beatles singles.
An incredibly detailed overview of the band, from the day John and Paul met to Anthology and beyond. Wedding dates, album releases, and other significant events (along with some insignificant, but interesting ones) are presented in chronological order.
On September 9, 2009, the Beatles released long-awaited remasters of their entire catalog, including limited edition stereo and mono box sets. This is the original press release announcing those releases containing details of what was done, how it was done, and who did it.
An ever growing list of questions frequently asked about the Beatles. Ever wonder why you can't find Hey Jude on CD? Or what the No One's Gonna Change Our World album was all about? We've got the answers.

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