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The heart of the Beatles is the music. Compiled here is a list of officially released US and UK albums, EPs, singles, and even movies and videos, as well as bootleg recordings of unreleased and live material.

The Beatles regular-release US and UK albums, LPs, and CDs. Includes all compilations and numerous special releases from around the world.
EPs/Short Plays
Four song releases that contain twice as much music as singles, but less than half of an LP. Includes regular issue EPs as well as releases from around the world, as well as Christmas releases and promotional EPs.
Regular-release singles, along with their b-sides, sleeve covers (along with international versions), and other singles releases from around the world.
A listing of some of the better of the thousands of available Beatles bootleg recordings. Focuses on discs proven to hold true Beatles content.
A list of released Beatles movies and videos. Covers all official releases, and some unofficial.

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