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This discography lists US and UK regular-issue Beatles albums (LPs/records/CDs) as well as releases outside of the UK and US (many of which had little or no input from the Beatles, as was even the case with many of the US LPs).

Each page features a photo of the album cover as well as a track listing, release dates, catalog numbers, and special notes. Alternate covers (many from other countries) are also shown. From the album pages, click on the song titles for detailed track information.

For accuracy, albums that were released in the UK are considered to be the 'Regular Issue' albums, and the albums released in countires other than the UK which are either different from the UK versions or not released in the UK at all are listed by country.

Regular Issue (UK) Albums

US-only Regular Issue Albums

Australia-only Regular Issue Albums

Brazil-only Regular Issue Albums

Canada-only Regular Issue Albums

Denmark-only Regular Issue Albums

Germany-only Regular Issue Albums

Sweden-only Regular Issue Albums

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